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Foveon F13 and DP13 CMOS Layered Photodiode Color Image Sensors

  • Foveon F13 Color Image Sensor
  • Color reproduction with Fovoen F13
  • Foveon X3 Structure
  • X3-Bayer comparison
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Product Description

The Foveon X3 F13 is a 1.7x FLM (focal length multiplier) high-resolution CMOS direct image sensor that incorporates breakthrough Foveon X3 technology. The latest in Foveon's large format CMOS imagers, the F13 achieves significantly longer exposure times, broader ISO selection, and improved dynamic range over its predecessors. Foveon X3 direct image sensors capture full-measured color images through a unique stacked pixel sensor design.  By capturing full-measured color images, the need for indirect color interpolation and artifact-reducing blur filters is eliminated. As a result, the F13 delivers the highest effective resolution possible for the 1.7x FLM optical format without color artifacts. The Foveon F13 also features the powerful VPS (Variable Pixel Size) capability. VPS provides the on-chip capability of grouping neighboring pixels together to form larger pixels that are optimized for high frame rate, reduced noise, and dual mode still/video applications. The F13's high-performance makes it ideal for applications such as DSLR, medical, and scientific cameras.

F13 Block Diagram


Operating Modes

The F13 can be operated in two different shutter modes: Stillshot and Rolling Shutter.  In stillshot exposure mode, all the pixels are reset simultaneously. Then the array is read out row-by-row to obtain the image. An external mechanical shutter is used to prevent light from reaching the pixels while image data is being read out.  In Rolling Shutter mode, rows of pixels are reset and read out on a row-by-row basis. The exposure time is determined by the number of rows between reset and readout. There are two sub-modes: Snapshot and Movie. In Snapshot mode, a single frame is captured. In Movie mode, multiple frames are captured to create a video sequence. Rolling Shutter mode can be used when an external shutter is not available.  The maximum full-resolution frame rate in rolling shutter mode is 6.9 fps with a 40 MHz pixel clock.

Technical Specifications


Spectral Response

For use in cameras intended to reproduce color accurately, a separate cutoff filter restricting the spectrum to the range 400-660 nm is required. 


Microlens Options

Two microlens options are available for this sensor as designated by the model number:

  • F13 - The microlenses are all centered on the active ares of the photodiodes in each pixel location
  • DP13 - The microlenses are radially offset with the offset increasing with the distance from the sensor optical center

F13 is intended for use with lenses having a long back working distance, while DP13 is for short back working distance lenses.


Foveon image sensors are provided exclusively to organizations that have purchased related camera development kits from Alternative Vision.  New organizations interested in building cameras with Foveon sensors should send an e-mail to daveg@alt-vision.com.

The Foveon F13 sensor is used in this industrial camera.

Additional Product Data

F13 QE Curve - PDF here

F13 Product Brief - PDF here

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