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LED Illuminators

Alternative Vision is pleased to offer the full line of LED illuminators for machine vision from LVS Company of Korea.  Presented here are illuminators in every configuration - bars, rings, domes, backlights and coaxial lights with visible and near-infrared LED arrays.  If you do not see what you need, please ask us.  70% of the illuminators made by LVS are custom designs.  We can supply most configurations with multiple, separately-controlled illumination bands - R/G/B and UV/R/NIR are typical examples.  We can supply almost any LVS proiduct with LEDs in UV wavelengths to 365 nm or infrared wavelengths to 1500 nm and beyond.

If you want to build your own illuminator, consider LED light strips here.

All LVS Illuminators are CE marked and RoHS-compliant.


LED wavelength bands for the listed products are:

Color Wavelengths
Red 640-660 nm
Green 510-540 nm
Blue 420-470 nm
IR ~850 nm
UV 360-370 nm
White 400-700+ nm






  • Direct LED Dome Light Direct LED Dome Light Layout

    Direct LED Dome Light

    LVS LED Direct Dome Lights These dome lights consist of several circular rows of LEDs at varying angles to approximate a dome shape in an aluminum enclosure. These dome lights have two types of input apertures - a slot for line scan and a circular...

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  • LVS IDM4 Series LED Integrating Sphere Diffused Dome Light LVS IDM4-112R LED Integrating Sphere Diffused Dome Light

    LED Integrating Sphere Diffused Dome Light

    LVS LED Integrating Sphere Dome Lights These dome lights consist of circular rows of LEDs arranged to illuminate a spherical surface in an aluminum enclosure. The table below shows the power consumption for the various configurations. See the drawings...

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