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Micro Four-Thirds Mount

A Brief Description from the Micro Four-Thirds website


The Micro Four Thirds Specification is an extension of the Four Thirds Specification. It inherits the benefits of the 4/3-type image sensor device such as the optimum balance between size reduction and high picture quality, and is intended to deal with expected future needs such as further size and weight reduction of camera systems, increased emphasis on Live View shooting, and demand for movie shooting capability. These requirements have been met by shortening the flange back length, adding the signal compacts for improving the speed and stability of signal exchange between the lens and body, and reducing the lens mount diameter to facilitate system size reduction.

Some Specifics

Style - Bayonet

Maximum Sensior Area - 17.8 x 13.0 mm (known as a 4/3 sensor)

Aspect Ratio - Nominally 4:3 but can accommodate any shape with a diagonal up to 21.6 mm

Flange Focal Distance - 19.25 mm

Electrical Contacts - 11, for power, lens detection and lens control through a serial data link


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