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Quest Inno­va­tions offers hyperspectral and multispectral prism based camera solutions. Applications addressed are color measurement based on the CIE 1931 color space, UAV cameras for precision agriculture looking into NDVI measurement, nitrogen uptake or water stress.  Our machine vision cameras are offered with sensors that range from 400 to 1700nm (VIS, NIR, SWIR) using CCD, CMOS and InGaAs sensors.

Quest Innovations cameras incorporate several technologies to provide spectral separation including:

  • Three and five-channel Philips prisms offering up to seven spectral channels
  • Layered photodiode technology from Foveon
  • Filter arrays, both traditional color Bayer and arrays of narrowband dichroic filters

All prism models can be supplied with prisms whcih include bamd separation or neutral splitting and all prism inputs and outputs can be fitted with custom trim filters.

CameraLInk, GigE and CMOS interfacesa are available and all cameras include the highly capable Architector software for camera control and image acquisition, processing and storage.  Interfaces from Architector to various CameraLink framegrabbers are included.