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Spheres and Balls


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Spheres and Balls

What is a "Sphere"?

Mathematically speaking, a "sphere" is the surface of a geometric figure whose locus is all points equidistant from a given point.  In three dimensions, this is the outside of a perfect ping-pong ball.  While most uses of the term "sphere" include the enclosed volume, mathematically, this volume is called a "solid sphere" or a "ball".  Oddly, the mathematically accurate designation is generally applied correctly only in sports.  In this store, we follow the most usual colloquial uses of the terms "sphere" and "ball".

Incidentally, the two dimensional locus is a "circle" and the enclosed area is a "disc".

Range of Sphere Sizes

Here is our discussion of the range of sphere sizes in nature and industry.

Here are the spheres we have for sale.