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Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) lenses are designed for use from wavelengths just longer than visible to the atmospheric cutoff around 2500 nm (2.5 µm).  Most SWIR lenses are fabricated with optical glass that is well-characterized into the SWIR band.  This glass must be coated for low reflectance in the band to be imaged.  As a result, they often appear green or magenta to the eye.  Some very broadband lenses are available that cover both the visibile and the shorter=wavelength part of the SWIR band. 

Typically, SWIR lenses are rated for use from 900 to 1700 nm, roughly corresponding to the spectral sensitivity range of InGaAs sensors.  Sensors are available withh response extending to 2300, 2400 or even longer wavelengths.  However, beyond about 2300 nm, the glasses used begin to become very absorptive.  Whle the lenses may be useful at longer wavelengths, the effective f-number will be one or two stops higher. 

In the AVC Emporium, we offer SWIR lenses made by Optec of Parabiago, Italy, who have been designing and making lenses for this band in their own facility for over fifteen years. Optec offers lenses with focal lengths from 12.5 to 1000 mm, zoomlenses and special-purpose instrumentation lenses supported by a full line of accessories including motorization, controllers, filters, extenders and mount adapters.  Some of these are pictured here:


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