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Tianyunxing Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a trade company selling UV coating CCD sensors and specialized stainless steel pipe fittings both manufactured in facilities owned by Tianyunxing.  The factory which produces UV CCD sensors is located in Tianjin on the northwest coast of China.

The UV coating operation is managed by Mr. Song Jin, Tianyunxing's Chief Technical Engineer.  Before developing their own UV coating process, Tianyunxing had been importing sensiors because there was no UV coating facility in China.  As demand for UV-sensitive devices rose, the varieties and quantities required prompted Tianyunxing to consider acquiring the coating capability themselves.  Therefore, in 2009 Mr. Song Jin begain working to develop an internal UV coating technology. After three years of tests and fabrication, he shipped the first commercial devices in 2012.

Tianyunxing operates the only factory in China capable of UV Coating CCD sensors.  Now that the quality of the Tianyunxing devices has reached performance and reliability levels that can compete internationally, they are working hard to improve their export marketing. Tianyunxing currently has research and OEM customers in Australia, Taiwan, Japan and other countries.

In addition to the line scan product listed in the AVC Emporium, Tianyunxing can coat other senors on request at reasonable prices.  They have direct sourcing arrangements with several sensor manufacturers.