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+ Want to be a Supplier? +

Alternative Vision is always looking for optics and imaging products with unique characteristics.  We know that there are plenty of manufacturers who make high-quality products and plenty of places to buy these.  What we want are products that are hard to find anywhere but nonetheless important to a market segment or in a specific application. 

If you have a product that fits this description, then we want to talk to you.  We do have one important rule - in order to be listed in the AVC Emporium webstore, your product must have a price and we must be allowed to show it.  Sometimes we calculate the prices (especially for imported products) and sometimes the manufacturer does.  However, we do not list any products with "Call" as the only price unless engineering is usually required for each order.  

Products in the AVC Emporium do not have to be exclusive to us.  We only require that we be allowed to sell your products in the entire United States.  We do get a lot of inquiries from outside and we are equipped to export to pretty much anywhere. but you can decide if we should handle these inquiries or pass them back to you.   However, we do not export anything that requires an export license.

If you have a product that you think fits our plan and that you would like to see in our webstore, please send an e-mail with the specifics to